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About Us
SKG is a specialist testing company, catering for the civil, geotechnical and structural engineering fraternity. It offers a full range of testing services of soils, aggregates, bitumen, asphalt, concrete and geotechnical investigations for, amongst others, new roads, borrowpits, road rehabilitation, gravel roads, township developments, buildings and structures. We have had field laboratories on various projects nationally.

With laboratory at Belapur we meet small and large contractors needs across the whole of the Mumbai and Maharashtra in addition to operating satellite site laboratories.

SKG provides a full range of NDT and inspection techniques to assess the condition of concrete and masonry structures and bridges, considering all structural materials. Testing includes chemical testing to check for contaminants both in soils and in concrete. Common tests on concrete include chloride ion, sulphate and cement content analysis.

Services Offered:

Laboratory Testing
We are reputed in the industry as expert in analysis and testing of building and structural materials (including Bituminous / non-Bituminous and Pavement Quality Concrete related to Highway materials), cements, soil and bitumen. SKG provides analytical and testing services as per national and international standards like IS, BIS, ASTM, ISO, etc. and its Test Certificates are recognized by most of the central and state regulatory organizations.
geotechnical testing services Non Destructive Testing

We have been providing our customers with highly precise and qualitative Civil Concrete Structure Testing. The tests are conducted by our team of experts using sophisticated testing equipment. They study the structure on various parameters and find the extent of necessary repair of any damage to the structure. These services are used by many customers to maintain the building and preserve their buildings.

  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing.
  • Rebound Hammer Test.
  • Carbonation Testing.
  • Concrete Cover Test.
  • Pile Integrity Test.
geotechnical testing Pile Testing
SKG provides the Foundation and Civil Engineering Industry with a competent and professional pile testing company. We can provide the most comprehensive range of testing services for all types of foundations around the world; extending from low strain acoustic integrity tests through to high strain dynamic, Statnamic and full scale static loading tests using traditional loading techniques and O-cell bi-directional arrangements. 
testing machines supplier Soil Investigation
With the assistance of our team of experts, we perform testing of soil on different physical and chemical parameters. The bearing capacity of the soil is tested to analyze the height and weight of the construction that is to be erected on the soil. We have well equipped laboratory furnished with advanced equipment for the accurate and reliable soil investigation. 
testing machines Training And Man Power Deployment
SKG provides skilled labour force as well Engineers to supplement organization with required expertise. We identify and train qualified candidates whose skills match the specific disciplines you require. Whether your needs are temporary, short-term or permanent, SKG can depute highly-motivated professionals to accomplish your goals. 

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