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Bitumen Testing Instruments
  Bitumen Extractor. Electrically Operated.
For quantitative determination of bitumen percentage in hot mix paving mixture and pavement samples.

Consists of removable Aluminium rotor bowl of 1500 gm capacity with a cap mounted on vertical Shaft and enclosed in a liquid tight cast housing.

This bowl, which is mounted on a vertical shaft, can be rotated by the handle or an electric motor, which is connected with the gears and shaft in a cast body. The solvent can be introduced through the hole in the cap of housing during the test. A drain is provided to collect the dissolved bitumen coming out of the rotating bowl and getting collected in the housing.

An electric motor coupled to the gearbox to rotate the shaft and the drive through a step pulley. Suitable for operation on 230 Volts, Single phase, AC supply. 

As per ASTM D 2172;
AASHO T 58 & T 164.


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non destructive testing company
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