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  Cover Meter
Confirms to BS 1881 - 204.

For measuring the thickness of concrete cover over steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes.

The COVER METER boasts one of the best measurement accuracy features available today. With the COVER METER - Cover Meters, you can be safe in the knowledge that the readings you take are accurate and precise. The focused search heads enable an accurate measurement in congested situations, giving you the detailed information you need for your site survey. 

The class leading resolution of the BARTRACKER Cover meters allow you to achieve accurate readings when there is a minimal distance between rebars. With the choice of extra search heads available as options, which are easily interchangeable and are automatically recognised by the unit, the BARTRACKER can deliver the results you need quickly, easily and accurately.

Using the optional Borehole Probe you can extend the COVER METER measurement range to locate and orientate additional layers of rebar and tendons up to 100 cm/40" below the surface. Bar diameter ranges : Metric: 5 - 50 mm bar diameters in 21 values. 

US bar numbers: #2 - #18 bar sizes in 16 values Rechargeable power supply : 7.4V lithium ion battery pack provides up to 32 hours of continuous use (20 hrs if backlight on). Rechargeable in 4 hrs either inside or outside the gauge using external charger. Maximum Operating Temperature : 50°C / 122°F. Unit dimensions : 230 x 130 x 125 mm / 9 x 5,1 x 4,9 Unit weight : 1.54 kg / 3.4 lbs 

  Concrete Test Hammer

Concrete Test Hammer type "N" classic Model, Aluminium Case.

It is used for the non-destructive testing of the surface hardened concrete in order to evaluate the strength in various part of a structure.

During operation plunger of the operation is passed against the surface of the concrete. This action compresses a spring, which automatically releases a percussion weight striking against the plunger and onto the surface of concrete. This impact causes a rebound effect, which is proportional to the strength of concrete. A pointer on the scale indicates the maximum rebound point of percussion weight.

This number is referred to the calibration curve chart on the hammer and shows the compressive strength in relation to the impact value. The concrete hammer is supplied complete with plastic carrying case, grinding stone and instruction manual.

  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Meter

As Per BS 1881:203, ASTM C 597, NF P18-418, UNI 9524, pr EN 12504:Part 4.

To measure the velocity of propagation of Ultrasonic pulses through a rock sample in the laboratory and to compare the results of similar measurements on site. The instrument works by generating an ultrasonic pulse, which is passed through the rock sample (generally cylindrical samples) with a generating probe kept pressed against the plane surface of the sample.

The pulses are recorded by a receiving probe that is also pressed against the plane surface, opposite and parallel to the first one. The instrument displays the time to penetrate the rock sample along the longitudinal axis; since the distance between the probes is measured the velocity of the ultrasonic pulses can be calculated.

> Microprocessor incorporated.
> RS 232 output.
> Connectable to oscilloscope.

Transit Time Measurement : 0 to 1999.9 µs.
Pulse Rate : From 1 to 10 per second, selectable.
Accuracy : 0.1 µs.
Transmitter Output : 800 v.
Frequency Range : 24 to 150 kHz.
Power Supply : No. 2 D size 1.5 V Battery or as alternative, No. 2 D size 1.2 V rechargeable Models.
Battery Life : 18 working Hours.
Dimension. : 138 x 80 x 200 mm.
Weight Approx. : Net 1.1 kg. Complete set 2.9 kg.

The tester is supplied complete with Two 54 kHz Transducers (Transmitter and receiver) with 2 mtr cable, Calibration Rod, Coupling Agent (250 cc Bottle) & Nylon Carrying Case.

For Site testing the tester can be used in its carrying case providing an ergonomic position of both keypad and display.
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