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Soil Testing Instruments
  Automatic Compaction Machine.
A mechanically cum electrically operated device is useful to eliminate the hand compaction procedure, which also considerably saves time with the rammers provided for both of the standard and heavy compaction of the soil. Useful for soil compaction into 100 mm or 150 mm Dia moulds.

Two sets of rammers are provided, one of 2.6 kg weight and arranged for 310 mm fall and the other one is of 4.89 kg and arranged for 450 mm fall. For compaction in 150 mm Dia moulds, there are 100 mm Dia rammers of 2.6 kg & 4.89 kg are provided and for compaction in 100 mm Dia moulds, there are 50 mm Dia rammers are provided. The rammer assembly is provided with ratchet and pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer.

When the rammer reaches the required height, the pawl releases the rammer, which falls freely on the soil surface. An arm moving up and down operates the release mechanism, which is connected to a reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm. An automatic blow counter is fitted to the compactor is used to set number of blows. The base plate of the specimen mould can be fitted to the rotating base plate of the instrument, which makes 1/5th revolution per stroke.

The equipment is suitable for operation on 230 Volts, 50 cycles, single phase and A.C. supply without moulds. 

As Per IS 2386 (PART I)
- 1963.

As Per IS : 2720


  C.B.R. Annular Metal Weights.

  C.B.R. Cutting Collar.

  C.B.R. Displacer Block.

  C.B.R. Metal Tripod.

  C.B.R. Moulds.

  C.B.R. Penetration Piston.

  C.B.R. Slotted Metal Weights.

  C.B.R. Test Apparatus - Field Type.

  C.B.R. Test Apparatus. Laboratory Type.

  Cone Penetrometer..

  Consolidation Apparatus.

  Constant Pressure System - Oil Water.

  Dial Gauge - Baker.

  Direct Shear Apparatus.

  Field Density Kit. (Core Cutter Apparatus.)

  Field Density Kit.(Sand Replacement Test Apparatus.)

  Grain Size Analysis Apparatus.(Anderson Pipette Test Apparatus)

  High Speed Stirrer.

  Lateral Pressure Assembly.

  Liquid Limit Device.

  Load Truss.

  Moisture Analyzer Balance - Digital.

  Moisture Balance- Infra Red.

  Moisture Balance- Infra Red With Digital Timer.

  Moisture Cans.

  Moisture Meter- Rapid.

  Perforated Brass Swell Plate.

  Permeability Apparatus

  Permeability Apparatus. (Universal Or Combination Type.)

  Plastic Limit Set.

  Plate Bearing Test Apparatus.

  Pore Pressure Apparatus.

  Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus - Standard.

  Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus. (Modified / Heavy.)

  Proctor Needles.

  Proving Ring - Compression Type. 10 Kn.

  Rammers - Soil Compaction. 2.6 Kg.

  Rammers - Soil Compaction. 4.89 Kg.

  Relative Density Test Apparatus.

  Sample Extractor Frame. Hydraulic.

  Sample Extractor Frame. Universal.

  Sampling Augers - Blade (Post Hole) Type.

  Sampling Augers - Screw Type.

  Sampling Outfit. Heavy Duty.

  Sampling Outfits - 38 Mm.

  Sampling Tubes - Relieved.

  Sampling Tubes - Unrelieved.

  Sand Equivalent Apparatus.

  Shrinkage Limit Apparatus.

  Soil Hydrometer.

  Split Spoon Sampler.

  Swell Test Apparatus.

  Triaxial Cell - Stationery Bushing.

  Triaxial Cell - Universal Stationery Bushing.

  Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus-Stationery Bushing.

  Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus-Universal Stationery Bushing.

  Unconfined Compression Tester. Proving Ring Type.

  Universal Cone Penetrometer Automatic.

  Volume Change Gauge.

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